About Meem's

About Me

I have been arting, crafting and making cards for many years  nowand I have never been happier doing anything in my life other than raising my daughters and now spending time with five of the most amazing grand children, with whom I get to share my love of crafting.  I joined Stampin' UP! for a couple of reasons, the first is because I have met some very talented and amazing women over the last several years who share my love of creating cards. Second, I adore the friendships I've made with other artsy, crafty folks over the years. Third, Stampin' UP! is a great company in which to be associated. I've been in direct sales for many years and find Stampin' UP! to be an organization that cares about its team and will make strong solid decisions that will keep Stampin' UP! around for many years to come. 

Who I Am

Life sure is busy but I wouldn't change a thing!

My grandchildren call me Meem’s, well it started out as Mimi but my eldest grandson started calling me Meem’s some time back and it has sort of stuck, so now I even call myself that when they’re all around. My name is Brenda, aka, mom, momma, Mimi and Meem’s! I have 2 amazingly talented and beautiful daughters and I have 5 of the most awesome grandchildren on the planet!

Why Stampin' UP

These days, everything is digital and I grew up in a time when we wrote letters and sent cards through the mail to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, new babies and graduations. I wanted to continue that practice so about a couple of years ago, I decided that I would begin making cards to send and give, not just any old cards but fancy cards! I love using different papers, inks, punches, dies, stencils, embossing folders and of course, stamps and Stampin’ UP! provides me everything I need to create beautiful hand-crafted cards and other paper crafting projects that I am always proud to share.  I'd love to share some fun project ideas and amazing stamping products. Send me an email or give me a call; I look forward to helping you unleash your creativity!