Why I Started Stamping

Why I started stamping!

Back when I was a young girl, my grandmother, Meme, was one of my most favorite people! When my parents moved us to Florida from Massachusetts to Florida in 1972, the only way to stay connected to my grandmother and other family members, was to write letters and send cards. I remember drawing and doodling in my letters too, which I had gotten away from.

We don’t send cards and letters any more – not even for Christmas, in fact, when I send cards to my grandchildren, albeit not often enough for my liking, my daughter takes a photo of them with the card and texts that to me as their thank you! While I really do appreciate the thank you, I really want a card or letter back from them. I want to read what’s going on in their life much like I would tell my grandmother and she would tell me. I would get so excited when I received a letter in the mail from her and that is why I stamp! So that I can send beautifully created cards and projects to my family and friends to let them know that I was thinking of them and hope that when they receive it in their mailbox, they’ll be excited and happy! I’ll even love the texts from them to let me know they received it?!

I may be currently the worlds worse at getting cards and letters in the mail with any regularity, but I am working on it because I want to bring back the actual act of writing cards and letters for those in my circle! It’s my mission for 2020! Want to join me on my quest to bring snail back into popularity? #bringbacksnailmail

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